Monday, 17 August 2015

Kurayoshi International Festival

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Hi! A quick message to advertise the Kurayoshi International Festival.

It will be on December 6th (Sun.), and they would be happy to some JETs (or non JETs) participants. Food stall, cultural introduction/experience, stage performance...
Deadline is August 31st. Participation fee is 2000 yens if you sell something, 500 yens if not.

Food is usually very popular and it is easy to sell everything in no time, if it's good stuff of course! We usually make French dishes and we sell all of it in less than 1 hour. Easy success on your JET journey! It is a very good opportunity so introduce you country and good food from home. It is also an occasion to meet locals and talk with all kind of people.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Curie Week

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Misasa’s Curie Week starts today. There will be several events during the week (see flyer), plus short fireworks every day, and main events will be on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th. Main events: fish catching (8th and 9th), food booth (8th and 9th), stage performances (8th), Waiwai Parade (9th), main fireworks (finale, 9th at 21:00). Come and enjoy!

Thursday, 30 July 2015


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Monday, 29 June 2015

Cheer For Fukushima

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5月に私の友達が企画した「CHEER FOR FUKUSHIMA」というチャリティーイベントがありました。私も参加して、ビデオを撮りました。先日公開されたので、ぜひ見てみてください。

Un ami a organisé un événement international, "Cheer For Fukushima", pour récolter des fonds pour un orphelinat de Fukushima durement touché par le séisme de 2011. Il m'a demandé de faire une petite vidéo de l'événement qui est désormais en ligne.
Les donations sont toujours possibles, et les personnes qui voudraient participer peuvent le faire via la plate-forme Youcaring, dont voici le lien :

A friend of mine did a charity event, Cheer For Fukushima, to help raising money for Iwaki Ikueisha, an orphanage in Fukushima, and kids there. I made a short video clip of the event that you can watch here:
Donation are still going on and, if you want to participate, you can do it through Youcaring and the link below: